Biosphere Reserve Lungau - Nockberge

On nature’s trail!

The Lungau Region and Carinthian Nockberge mountains were declared Austria’s biggest Biosphere Reserve in 2015. The Biosphere Reserve covers 1500 km². 21,000 people live in Lungau, while the Biosphere Reserve also encompasses 19 different communities.

How does a region become a Biosphere Reserve?

Our region was evaluated by an international commission, who found it to be extraordinary, offering a high quality of life, and worthy of additional protections. The natural and cultural world here should be allowed to develop, though cautiously. Research, environmental monitoring as well as better use of natural resources are also promoted.

Whether mankind, nature, science or tourism: In Biosphere Reserve Lungau/Nockberge, everyone and everything has its place and the opportunity to grow.

In the Lungau Region, you can discover the Biosphere Reserve as you visit rare moorland areas, places of unique natural power, as well as plant- and animal habitats deserving added protections.
Together with us, discover the variety and species diversity of the Lungau region!

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